Lourdes University is pleased to announce the hiring of the new Dean of the College of Business and Leadership (COBAL). Yasser Alhenawi, PhD, was hired as a Professor of Finance and Dean of COBAL and assumed the role during the summer of 2023.

Dr. Yasser Alhenawi is characterized as an enthusiastic educator and a strategic, entrepreneurial, and forward-thinking leader with nearly two decades of professional experience. Earning his PhD in Finance from the University of New Orleans, Dr. Alhenawi is an active researcher who boasts numerous publications in elite academic journals and conferences. He earned a PhD and Master of Science in Finance from the University of New Orleans and a Master of Business Administration from Emporia State University.

Dr. Alhenawi came to Lourdes University from Ajman University, where he served as Professor of Finance, MBA Program Director, and Teaching and Learning Center manager. Before that, he had served at the University of Evansville as an Associate Professor and founding director of the Institute for Banking and Finance. Dr. Alhenawi’s areas of expertise include strategic management, corporate finance, and investments.

“I strongly believe in the future of COBAL and Lourdes University as a small, private higher education institution with a great potential for growth and creating positive impact in the community,” says Dr. Alhenawi, who is currently reviewing academic offerings for potential update and building a new strategic plan for the College of Business and Leadership.

“Strategic planning is an evolving, transparent process led by the Dean while engaging staff, faculty, the University’s leadership, and the community. We have a lot to build upon, including our dedicated and highly qualified faculty, modern curriculum, and small class size.” Dr. Alhenawi is proud to introduce a new vision for business education where the broader community, including students, is perceived as the client of the business school. He is open to collaborating with community leaders to serve students, businesses, and government in the Toledo area and beyond.

Lourdes University is extremely expectant of the progress that will be made as a result of Dr. Alhenawi’s appointment. We look forward to experiencing strides in the College of Business and Leadership this year and for the years to follow.

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