social work student Amber Nolan

On October 15, the Lourdes University Department of Social Work presented a Walk For Water to benefit Flint, MI residents who continue to battle lead-contaminated water. The Walk For Water was created by social work major and Toledoan Amber Nolan.

“Social work is our profession. I felt compelled to do something and assist these individuals,” says Amber. After consulting with Dr. Joyce Litten, associate professor of social work, the group of social work students settled on the Walk For Water. “Rather than providing water bottles, we are providing water filters which offers residents a more permanent solution,” she adds.

The 1-mile Walk For Water initiative surpassed its $500 goal to provide needed water filters to these residents. Social Work faculty and students are currently working with the Nursing Department to create fact sheets about the health benefits of using these filters. Next, they will coordinate distribution and education with the Flint Health Department.

Walk for Water social work initiative

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