Lourdes University students nominated Lourdes faculty and staff members who went above and beyond in helping them reach the finish line for spring semester.


Photo of Katie Siebenaler inside a Thank You frame

Katie Siebenaler

Nominated by Alyssandra Schwind

“Katie has tremendously helped me over the course of this semester in my Pharmacology class, by helping me gain the confidence that I need in myself, and worked with me to make sure that I understood material each week. It’s been a difficult transition to being online for me, but she went above and beyond by helping me realize my strengths and that I do have the knowledge to succeed.”


Photo of Heidi Shank inside a Thank You frame

Heidi Shank

Director, Doctor of Nursing Practice Program and Assistant Professor, College of Nursing

Nominated by Susan Leguire

“Heidi Shank, hands down. If it wasn’t for Dr. Shank, I would’ve dropped out…twice. She helped me look beyond what was happening at the moment to the end game, my DNP. She was patient, listened, then redirected my thinking. She is amazing.”


Photo of Vincent Laverick inside a Thank You frame

Vincent Laverick

Chair and Assistant Professor, Division of Education, College of Social Sciences

Nominated by Roseann Lustic

“I would like to nominate Vince Laverick. I have taken two graduate classes with Dr. Laverick this year while completing my master’s degree. Having completed my undergraduate degree decades ago, I needed lots of help with technology and my capstone project. Dr. Laverick was very helpful and patient with all of my questions.

We had a former classmate that passed away this year. Dr. Laverick didn’t know her and wasn’t our teacher at the time, but he tracked us down during a class to check that we were alright and see if we needed anything. He was very caring and a great teacher. I learned a lot this year thanks to Dr. Laverick.”


Photo of ASC Team in the Academic Success Center inside a Thank You frame

The ASC Staff

Nominated by Alyssandra Schwind

“The entire ASC staff – Alisa, Cindy, Curtis, Sara, and Lisa: I just want to give them a special shout out for their positivity, their kindness, and how much they have helped me from beginning to the end of this semester. Their support has meant the world to me especially through the challenge of being all online.”


Kristin Blochowski photo inside a Thank You frame

Kristin Blochowski

Criminal and Social Justice Program Director, College of Social Sciences

Nominated by Richard Arciniegas-Matus

“Dr. Blochowski has been very helpful during this pandemic.”


Susan Rawson photo inside a Thank You frame

Sue Rawson

Director, MSN – Nurse Anesthesia Program, College of Nursing

Nominated by Nicole Black SRNA, Cohort 9


Howie Brown photo inside a Thank You frame

Howie Brown

Assistant Director, MSN – Nurse Anesthesia Program, College of Nursing

Nominated by Nicole Black SRNA, Cohort 9

“Sue Rawson and Howie Brown had an immense impact on my entire cohort’s semester. Sue made the decision to step up to the director position and Howie, the assistant director, of the Nurse Anesthesia Program. This choice was monumental for my cohort and our program as a whole.

Sue also helped to create an online testing format for one of our most important classes, pharmacology. In the midst of the pandemic, new measures had to be implemented to ensure we were adequately tested and evaluated. I imagine creating secure, reliable, online tests are not easily done at the drop of a hat.

Howie has continually been an advocate for our growth and presence in the clinical setting. He has pushed for us to return to the clinical, when appropriate, so that we can participate in hands-on learning that is essential for our education and practice.

Sue and Howie were transparent and helpful through all of the changes during the semester. They had an online video chat with the program to allow for discussion, updates, and questions.

Thank you Sue and Howie for your dedication to your students and this program. We are so grateful.”


Jennifer Southerton photo inside a Thank You frame

Jennifer “Jenn” Southerton

Campus Minister, Mission & Ministry

Nominated by Rayne Wilcox-Wick

“Jennifer Southerton went above and beyond to help make this year go smoothly. She has been there to help me get through any hardships and prayed for whatever stress I was feeling. She was also always there in her office (before quarantine started) to help give me advice whenever I was feeling down or just needed a friend!”


Kristen Williams photo inside a Thank You frame

Kristen Williams

Associate Professor of Psychology, College of Social Sciences

Nominated by Jordan Bucher, Shannon White

“I’d like to nominate Professor Kristen Williams. She has always helped me when I needed it and supported me with everything!” – Jordan

“Dr. Williams was my capstone advisor. After the pandemic hit, I was having a very hard time completing assignments on time, and overall just felt very defeated. Dr. Williams was extremely patient with me, and constantly expressed her understanding and encouragement while I was struggling. She sent a very heartfelt message to the entire capstone class about how she empathizes with us, and would do whatever she could to help us be successful on our projects. She also did an excellent job at efficiently shifting the class into an online format. I’m very thankful for Dr. Williams’ kind heart and desire to go above and beyond for her students.” – Shannon


Sister Barbara Vano photo inside a Thank You frame

Sister Barbara Vano, OSF

Acting Vice President of Mission & Ministry

Nominated by Shannon White

“Sr. Barb has always been someone that I have trusted and felt that I could turn to in times of need. This didn’t change at all after the pandemic hit. Her bright smile and jokes have been such a blessing to me in a time of overwhelming sadness and anxiety. I have enjoyed being able to work with her on the Labre project for the last few weeks of the semester. She also gave me the opportunity to be a driver for the Labre project, and it has been a great break from my schoolwork. I am forever grateful for all of the hope Sr. Barb has given me, as well as the amount of opportunities she has given me to share that hope with others.”

Christine Harte photo inside a Thank You frame

Christine Harte

Adjunct Instructor, Education Division, College of Social Sciences

Nominated by Kylie Carnicom



Karen Jackson

Nominated by Alyssandra Schwind

“Karen is a phenomenal clinical instructor. She has helped me be more at ease with my abilities in the clinical setting and has helped me along the way by giving me guidance and a little extra reassurance, which has helped me especially through this time we’ve been online. I’m very thankful to have learned from her!”



Jodi Speweik photo inside a Thank You frame

Jodi Speweik

Co-Program Director of Undergraduate Nursing, College of Nursing

Nominated by MaKenna Keegan

“Jodi Speweik has helped me TREMENDOUSLY over the past 5 semesters in the nursing program. Thank you!”


Photo of John Bazydlo assisting families during Toledo Labre Project. Photo is inside a Thank You frame.

John Bazydlo

Adjunct Instructor, Biology & Health Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences

Nominated by Shannon White

“John and I have been driving the vans out to deliver food for the Labre project together for the past month or so. Despite the circumstances of this time, we have always found something to laugh or smile about. It also brings me so much joy to watch John serve others, it seems to energize him. I know that like other professors, John has a lot on his plate especially with the sudden shift to online learning, and he still insists upon setting aside 4 hours every Wednesday to serve the community. I find that to be extremely admirable.”


Carrie Griffith photo inside a Thank You frame

Carrie Griffith

Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, College of Nursing

Nominated by Alyssandra Schwind, Kristin Morrow, Kylee Caughhorn

“This semester, Carrie has been a rock star nursing instructor. From the transition from being in person this semester to going online due to COVID, Carrie made it very easy for my cohort to still learn and be engaged in the material each week via ZOOM. I’d like to give a special shout out to her because she truly has helped me be more confident in myself as a future nurse and has pushed me each week to do my best and recognize my strengths.” – Alyssandra

“I want to recognize Carrie Griffith for working with us so hard this semester. This online thing has not been easy for any of us and Carrie has a Zoom meeting with us every single class, posts PowerPoints with voiceovers, and answers all of our questions. This technology requirement has also been hard and she took initiative to learn that and almost perfect it for us. Carrie goes above and beyond for her students and I couldn’t be more grateful to have her in this challenging semester! Shes so good to us!” – Kylee



Courtney Goda photo inside a Thank You frame

Courtney Goda

Nursing Lab Teaching Assistant, College of Nursing

Nominated by Kristin Morrow, Alyssandra Schwind

“I would like to nominate Courtney Goda and Carrie Griffith for this semester for all of the online help and helping to push me to the finish line of finals.” – Kristin

“When thinking of someone to nominate, Courtney stood out the most to me. From the beginning to the end of this semester, Courtney has proven herself to go above and beyond for her students, and never stopped doing so even when things began to get tough for all of us when COVID turned everything around. I’m very thankful to have learned from her this semester, but what I’m most thankful for is the advice she has given me that I’ll carry with me, as well as her helping me succeed and getting past the obstacles I faced.” – Alyssandra


Kelley Noe photo inside a Thank You frame

Kelley Noe

Instructor, College of Nursing

Nominated by Stephanie Parrish

“Kelley Noe has been an absolute asset to the nursing program in regards to getting us to the finish line. She has worked tirelessly, and she deserves to be recognized for all that she has done.”

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