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Crista Lutz

Lourdes Student


Hello fellow Lourdes students or hopefully soon to be,


My name is Crista and I am currently a junior here at Lourdes University. This is now my first semester in the nursing program which excites me very much. It’s been a long two years of prerequisites; however, I am now in the program and on my way to complete my 4 year degree and obtain my bachelor’s degree in the College of Nursing.


A little more about myself …

I am a transfer student from a large, public university. I transferred here to Lourdes last year to continue on with my nursing major. I’d like to touch a little more in depth about me being a transfer student because I believe it can really give some insight on how different universities really can be.


Most of all my classes were more than 100 students at least. I found it very difficult to focus, hear my professors during class, or even get a return email from my professors. I slowly but surely started to realize I was more so just another number or student instead of an individual who was known by the professors. With that being said, I toured Lourdes University and one other college. Although I liked both I realized Lourdes was the best choice for me for many reasons. It was a small enough school that the professors would know who I actually was, the classes were small enough where I could spread my materials out for class and be properly prepared and also made class easier to focus, etc. Also, the entire faculty at Lourdes really showed and continues to show they care about me and my successfulness in life.


We are now at the point of wrapping up week 2 of the spring semester. I must say – many I’m sure would agree with me when I say – “Typically spring semesters fly by because of our spring break, Easter break, etc.” and that’s the truth. I feel as if I’m already midway through the semester. I am trying to continue to stay motivated, focused, and keep inching my way towards graduation. My life as a college student consists of class, work, homework, and studying while trying to fit in eating and sleeping!


Now I don’t want to scare anyone because there is beauty in that terrifying phrase… your success to the rest of your careers and life. I always say work smarter not harder and that can apply in many ways while you are in college.


To say the least, I’m moving along and I’d love to continue to add to this initial blog through the next couple weeks of school. I hope this first post helps clear up a couple questions and gives you a little idea on how a college student’s life is! If you have any questions you’d like me to answer. you can contact Lourdes University Admissions Office and ask for Crista t 419-885-5291.




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