Kara Thomas

What Lourdes Means to Me….

Greetings, my name is Kara Thomas, I am from Dayton, Ohio.  I have spent the last five years at Lourdes University furthering my education. I worked to obtained my Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration from Lourdes University from 2012-2016 and earned my degree in May 2016. Currently, I am a graduate student at Lourdes pursuing my Masters in Business Administration (MBA). I am a graduate assistant for the College of Business and Leadership (COBAL) and I am expected to graduate with my MBA in May 2017.  I heard about this remarkable University through my aunt who lived in the area, who knew my desire to attend a private university, and recommended that I visit Lourdes.
I fell in love with Lourdes after I visited the University in spring of 2012. Lourdes felt like home to me. The serenity of the Lourdes campus, the smiling faces on the sisters, the staff, the students and the values of the University makes it difficult to not want to stay and call Lourdes home. I appreciated how my beliefs aligned with Lourdes. I admire the value of being a part of a community of learning, service, and reverence. The idea of attending a University that is so compassionate towards its students was ideal for me.


I am so glad that I chose to attend a University where I am not a number, but a familiar face. I appreciate how the professors and faculty identify with you and care about you. The professors and faculty bring real life experience and expertise in small classroom settings that appeals to all learning styles. The small classrooms allow for a dynamic in which everyone is included. It is hard to feel lost at Lourdes because you are seen, you are followed academically, and you are cared for; especially, in the COBAL where your advisors constantly monitor you academically. The professors and your peers at Lourdes become your family.


As a part of my MBA program, Lourdes provided me with the opportunity to travel abroad. I had the opportunity to spend 10 days in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Lourdes has allowed me to become an international traveler and learn about how business is conducted in the Middle East. I had the opportunity to meet with the Consulate General of the United States in Dubai and other businesses in intimate settings to better understand how businesses operate and how important global leadership and cultural competence are in today’s society.


Lourdes University has been monumental to my success and achievements. Lourdes has allowed me to have a family and continue to pursue my educational goals.  The professors look out for you and want you to succeed. Lourdes University works with you as issues arise in your life. I am so grateful to be a part of the Lourdes Community; especially, in the College of Business and Leadership.


I am #LourdesStrong because I know that I am prepared to be an ethical business professional. I know that I am prepared for success because of the values, work ethic and support provided to me at Lourdes. If you are ready to become a business professional and eager to make a positive impact in your community and society then Lourdes is the University for you!



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