Sarah Hubbel

Fellow and future Lourdes Students:

My name is Sarah Hubbel. I am a transfer student new to Lourdes this year, and I am in the Nursing program. I am originally from New York State. I attended a community college in New York for a year, and I worked on my prerequisite courses. While I was searching for Nursing schools to transfer to, my parents encouraged me to look at Lourdes because they grew up in the Toledo area. I ended up visiting Lourdes and applying, but I was fairly set on staying in New York. When acceptance letters and scholarships came, I found out that Lourdes gave me the biggest scholarship. I was very shocked, but I had enjoyed my visit to Lourdes, therefore I decided to take a leap of faith and transfer here.

Deciding to come to Lourdes was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The transition into a new school was a bit tough, as expected, but after a few weeks I felt completely at home here. My other school was very large, and I wasn’t able to meet very many people. But everyone at Lourdes is so outgoing and friendly. Plus the class sizes are so small, therefore you form very close friendships with your classmates. There are also so many amazing professors at Lourdes. They want to see their students succeed, and they are always willing to help.

My favorite thing about Lourdes is that I feel like I am a part of a family here. The community is so close, and we all support one another. We also have many organizations and events that allow us to interact with one another outside of the classroom. I always feel safe here, and there is always someone willing to help me when I need it.

Coming to Lourdes was a huge, and scary decision for me to make. But I have never been happier to call Lourdes my second home. I hope that my fellow students feel the same way, and that future students find their place here, just like I did.

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