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Franciscan Pilgrimage

The Franciscan Pilgrimage brings together students of various faith traditions from Franciscan Institutions across the United States to reflect on and learn from the vision and values of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi. The Pilgrimage includes time for reflection, study, conversation, leisure, relaxation and visits to sacred Franciscan places in Assisi and Rome.
Posted by: jjacob on 6/6/2012 | 1 Comment
The whole trip was just amazing. How can one possibly tell people what this experience was like?
Posted by: jjacob on 5/25/2012 | 5 Comments
In Francis' time the church would have a Mass for the leper, as if they had died, before sending the leper out of the city...forbidden to return
Posted by: jjacob on 5/25/2012 | 3 Comments
We chose to go hiking and exploring.