Sociology &
Justice Studies

Sociology and Criminal Justice

Sociology & Justice Studies

As a Sociology major, you will engage in a scientific study of human behavior, societal structures and how they influence and shape human behavior. During your academic career, you will utilize the sociological perspective with faculty and fellow students to critically examine the social world and your position in it at the individual, cultural, societal and global levels. Criminal Justice majors learn the skills and knowledge to effectively operate in professional positions within the justice system as well as the necessary credentials to pursue a graduate degree. Many police officers, corrections and other human services workers earn prior learning credit toward their degree for their on-the-job work experiences, police academy hours, and professional in-service certificates.

Sociology and Criminal Justice majors may also strengthen their employability by choosing to double-major in social work, which can provide advance standing for an MSW. Students can become involved in the school's Social Science student organization.

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Sociology & Justice Studies
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