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By the first day of classes, students are required to:

  • Accept their financial aid and complete all financial aid requirements
  • Pay their balance in full or set up a payment plan


Lourdes University offers three payment options. Students must complete one of these three payment options by the first day of class:

  • Have enough financial aid posted and accepted to cover billed charges.
  • Payment in full of any outstanding balance after aid is applied.
  • Enroll in a payment plan for any outstanding balance after aid is applied.


Is an athletics or merit scholarship missing from your bill? Are student loans you need not listed?

If you don’t see financial aid you expected to see on your bill, it may be because you have not accepted all of your financial aid. Follow these steps to be sure all of your aid shows on your bill:

  1. Sign into the Lourdes portal at:
  2. Select Student Web Self Service.
  3. Select My Financial Aid.
  4. Select Award Letter.
  5. Select the 2022-23 Academic Year.
  6. Select Review Award Details.
    NOTE: Even if “complete” appears, continue to next step.
  7. Select which awards you want to accept and choose select all. If you wish to decline any awards, select those and choose decline all.

Be sure to complete all financial aid requirements.

Follow these steps to see if there are any requirements to receive your financial aid:

  1. Sign into the Lourdes portal at:
  2. Select Student Web Self Service.
  3. Select My Documents.
  4. Complete any showing as requested or required.

You must complete any requirements to receive your financial aid, including accepting financial aid; completing aid requirements, including entrance counseling, master promissory note and verification as required; and signing the financial agreement.

Viewing your Student Bill

  1. Sign into the Lourdes Portal at:
  2. Select Student Web Self Service.
  3. Select My Finances.
  4. Select Account Information and then select your current program version. (It should be the version with a balance if you have not paid your bill).
  5. Select Registration Bill.
  6. Select the term you wish to access your bill for and then select Search.
  7. Select the PDF called Student’s Registration Bill. (A PDF will generate and open in a new window.)
  8. The bill will show total charges, total financial aid, and any payments you previously made.
    NOTE:  Only financial aid that has been accepted will show on the bill. If you have not accepted your financial aid, it will not show. Please accept all aid to have a correct billing statement. The amount showing under Account Information won’t change until financial aid is actually distributed to students after classes begin.


Lourdes offers an interest-free way to divide your semester balance into monthly payments.

Follow these steps to set up a payment plan. Note: There is a one-time $50 fee for the plan.

  1. Sign into the Lourdes portal at:
  2. Select Student Web Self Service.
  3. Select My Finances.
  4. Select Make Online Payment.
  5. Select Online Payment Center. NOTE: If the link doesn’t open, you may need to turn off pop-up blockers or close other websites.
  6. Click I Agree to the Refund Policy.
  7. Select Enroll in Payment Plan.
  8. Select Fall 2022 in the term drop down box and click on Select under Action.
  9. The Total Due box will initially display as 0.00. Enter the amount you wish to set up on payments in the Total Due box.
    NOTE: The amount should equal fall charges minus fall financial aid (see Viewing Your Student Bill for this amount). Your required down payment will automatically be 25% of the balance for the first payment. If you wish to pay more for the first payment, that amount can be added in the Additional Down Payment box.
  10. Click Update Schedule and the dates and amounts for the remaining installments will be displayed.
  11. Continue to enter your method of payment (credit card or electronic check).
  12. Continue to confirm and complete.

A fee of $30 will be charged for any insufficient fund transactions. In addition, a fee of $30 will be assessed for late payments. If a student fails to pay two payment plan installments, enrollment in the payment plan will be terminated. Any remaining balance will be due in full immediately.

Parents, Alumni and other payers may visit the following link to sign up for a payment plan or make a one-time payment. If you have not received a username, please contact the Student Accounts office at or call (419) 517-8444.


Want to make a one-time payment?

Follow Payment Plans steps and select Make Payment instead of Enroll in Payment Plan at step 7.


Students wishing to make a payment from a bank outside of the United States may do so through their Online Payment Center via our partnership with TransferMate. When making a one-time payment, choose the “TransferMate INTL” option and follow the prompts to complete your transaction. Using TransferMate, you can pay your tuition and fees in your local currently from nearly any country. For additional information on how to log in to make an international payment, please watch this video or download step-by-step instructions. 


Students who do NOT complete one of the three payment options will be subject to a financial hold that will not allow registration for classes for subsequent semesters until any balance is paid. In addition, students may be subject to restriction on participation in co-curricular activities, including Athletics; and administrative withdrawal from classes.

Any student with a past-due account balance will have a financial hold applied to the student’s account and will not be able to register for classes for subsequent semesters. No transcripts or other official documents will be provided until the balance is paid.

Student bills are updated each month and are available in electronic format.