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Lourdes University has two semesters – fall and spring. The cost for each semester will be approximately the same for full-time students. Each semester will be billed separately.

Billing & Student Account Balance

Student Accounts will send a bill in June for the Fall Semester and December for the Spring Semester. You can view your student account information on the Lourdes Portal (link to in Student Web Self Service. A link to the Lourdes Portal is also available on the site. To access the portal, you will need to login with your username and password.

Throughout each semester, Student Accounts will notify students regarding their unpaid balance via their Lourdes Portal account and Lourdes email account. If you are needing to request a printout of your Student Account Balance transactions, please contact Student Accounts at or 419-824-3714.

Award Notification and Refunds

Lourdes awards $8.5 million in institutional aid to students each year. In addition, students who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may also qualify for grants, scholarships and loans. Each academic year, students’ awards are mailed to them and posted to their Student Web Self Service on the Lourdes Portal. The award includes institutional and non-institutional aid.

Lourdes Students Must Review Their Award. After reviewing the award, students must choose one of the following options:

  • Accept the aid as awarded OR
  • Reduce and/or decline a portion of the aid

Students may choose to return the completed printed award letter to the Financial Aid Office or indicate their decision in their Student Web Self Service portal account.

Each semester, students must also complete their Lourdes Financial Plan online through their Student Web Self Service portal account or in-person at the Financial Aid Office located in Mother Adelaide Hall near the Planetarium Lobby.

Only after a student accepts the award AND completes the Lourdes Financial Plan can their financial aid be issued and funds made available.

Payment Options

Lourdes University offers three payment options. Students must complete one of these three payment options by the first day of class:

  • Have enough financial aid posted and accepted to cover billed charges.
  • Payment in full of any outstanding balance after aid is applied.
  • Enroll in a payment plan.

Payment Plans

There are two Lourdes Payment Plan options.

  • Annual payment plan – Divides outstanding account balance for academic year into 10 monthly payments. The first payment is due by the first day of fall classes.
  • Semester payment plan – Divides outstanding account balance for semester into 5 monthly payments. The first payment is due by the first day of the semester.

Students who do NOT complete one of the three payment options may be subject to a financial hold that will not allow registration for classes for subsequent semesters until any balance is paid; restriction on participation in co-curricular activities, including athletics; and administrative withdrawal from classes.

Any student with a past-due account balance will have a financial hold applied to the student’s account and will not be able to register for classes for subsequent semesters. No transcripts or other official documents will be provided until the balance is paid.

All students must complete steps for financial aid to disburse, including accepting financial aid; completing aid requirements, including entrance counseling, master promissory note and verification as required; and signing the financial agreement.

Student bills are updated each month and are available in electronic format.

Enroll in the Payment Plan

Once enrolled in the Payment Plan, students can select their preferred payment option and set up their payment method.

Fees and Other Charges

  • There is a modest one-time fee to enroll or re-enroll in the payment plan.
  • A fee of $25 will be charged for any insufficient fund transactions. In addition, a fee of $30 will be assessed for late payments.
  • If a student fails to pay two payment plan installments, enrollment in the payment plan will be terminated. Any remaining balance will be due in full immediately.

Review Payment Plan FAQs