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Lourdes University is driven by our Catholic, Franciscan and liberal arts mission.  We are committed to resolving complaints, grievances, and concerns in our community.

The University encourages all individuals to address grievances, complaints or concerns relating to Lourdes’ institutional policies and/or consumer protection issues first with personnel to whom the complaint is directed.

Students can review the grievance process in the Academic Catalog and/or the Student Handbook.  Employees can consult the University Handbooks.  If a student wants help in filing a complaint, s/he may contact one of the following: the Dean for Students, the Dean for Student Success, the Provost’s Office, or a member of the University Community whom they trust.  Employees can consult with the Director of Human Resources.



An individual is encouraged to resolve the matter directly with the person against whom the complaint is directed. If the individual determines that the complaint would be resolved more appropriately without doing so directly, or if they complaint is about a policy, the complaint may be filed online in one of the following areas below.

We encourage individuals making reports to share their name so that we may address matters in a timely manner.   However, if you wish to make an anonymous complaint, you may do so without sharing your name.


Admissions Complaint Form


Owens - Entrepreneurship, A.A.B. To Integrated Business
Owens Semester Owens Semester Lourdes Semester Lourdes Semester
Owens – 1st Semester Owens – 1st Semester Lourdes – 5th Semester Lourdes – 5th Semester
Course Description Course Description
ACC 100 Accounting for Small Business BUS 201 Accounting I
BUS 102 College & Career Professional ENG 102 Composition II
ENG 111 Composition I History
IST 131 Computer Concepts & Apps MTH 111 Fundamental Concepts of Math II
Social & Behavioral Science Elective Theology 200 or higher
ACC 100

BUS 102

ENG 111/111P IST 131

MKT 111

Accounting for Small Business College & Career Professional Composition I

Computer Concepts & Apps Entrepreneurial Marketing

  BUS 201

ENG 102

Accounting I Composition II History

Business Administration Elective Theology 200 or higher

Natural Science

Owens – 2nd Semester Owens – 2nd Semester Lourdes – 6th Semester Lourdes – 6th Semester
Course Description Course Description
BUS 130 Introduction to Small Business
BUS 152 Intro to Project Management BUS 202 Accounting II
MKT 111 Entrepreneurial Marketing BUS 204 Marketing Concepts
IST 235 Spreadsheet Applications BUS 254 Macroeconomics
MTH 133 Quantitative Reasoning Literature
MTH 212 Statistics
Owens – 3rd Semester Owens – 3rd Semester Lourdes – 7th Semester Lourdes – 7th Semester
Course Description Course Description
ACC 239 QuickBooks BUS 255 Microeconomics
BUS 200 Legal Environment of Business BUS 320 International Business
BUS 215 Personal Financial Management BUS 340 Business Internship
BUS 232 Case Apps in Entrepreneurship ENG 352 Professional Writing
OAD 110 Bus. & Prof. Communications Theology (THS 125, 218, 220, 221, 235, 265, 312, or 316)
ECO 111 Principles of Economics
Owens – 4th Semester Owens – 4th Semester Lourdes – 8th Semester Lourdes – 8th Semester
Course Description Course Description
BUS 120 Principles of Management BUS 304 Corporate Finance
BUS 105 Effective Human Relations BUS 430 Business Ethics
Business Elective (BUS 101 Contemporary Business) BUS 490 Business Policy
BUS 233 Entrepreneurial Business Plan Art or Music
PHL 102 Principles of Ethics Enduring Question


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