The Vitruvian

Come to Game Festa 2

April 22nd at the Den! Looking for a place to rest and unwind before finals? Luckily for you, Gaming Society will be hosting Game Festa 2: Crossroads of Chaos at the Den on April 22nd from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm! The event will see contestants competing in six different games, including table tennis and … Continued

A Letter to Kurt Cobain

Monaye Jackson This written piece of work is a personal letter to someone that is very special to me who, sadly, passed away over two decades ago. I wrote this letter because I wanted to share how this particular person has made such a positive impact in my life (like no other person has). I … Continued

“I have a dream”: Slam Poetry in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King

Kiley Wortman “I have a dream.” These are the words that started one of the most famous speeches in recent history, and is what people tend to think of whenever you mention the name Martin Luther King Jr. All around the United States every year there are unity celebrations on and surrounding the third Monday … Continued

Me Before You: A Book Review

Emily Abrams Jojo Moyes’s brilliant but heartbreaking novel, Me Before You, plays upon readers’ emotions with its engaging and realistic characters, unconventional love story, and thought-provoking plot concerning the struggles of quadriplegia. Moyes inspires an unrestrained enthusiasm for life and its adventures and instructs readers to “live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle…just LIVE.” The book … Continued

The Transfer Student Experience

Sarah Hubbel There are many types of college experiences out there. You can go through one college in four years right out of high school, you can go back to college as an adult, you can get multiple degrees, and so on. But there’s one unique college experience that stands out: the transfer student’s college … Continued

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