By Katherine Melick

The students slowly filled the Lourdes Campus Ministry House on Wednesday at around 6:30 in the evening, gathering in celebrate one another and starting new friendships while continuing old ones. Dr. Dwayne Beggs, a professor of History at Lourdes University and director of the First Year Experience program, was a generous host. Dr. Peter Sibilio, professor of Theology, also hosted.

The professors created this function so that students and their professors could get to know each other better and share a community. This event is a great idea for First-Year Experience students to participate in, and a fantastic opportunity to make new friends. The event was also fun for people who like history and/or theology. The event brought many people together, and students found a lot in common with each other. They talked about politics, video games, football, and their Lourdes experiences with each other.

This event was so much fun, and I eagerly await the next get-together in the future. All are welcome!

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