Katherine Melick

December 3rd, 2016

Sister Patricia Ann Taube

Sister Patricia Ann Taube was interviewed in her room at the Rosary Care Center at Lourdes University. She was kind, sweet, and eager to answer questions.

Katherine Melick: Tell me a little bit about yourself… Where are you from, siblings, various ministries that you have held since becoming a sister?

Sister Patricia Taube: I was born in Detroit, Michigan. I am seventy-eight years old. I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters. I am the oldest in my family and my younger sister was also a sister of St. Francis and resided in this building with me. Sadly, she passed away on October 15th, 2016. I was also in another ministry in West Virginia for twenty years.

K.M.: When did you enter the Sylvania Franciscan Community?

Sr. P.: I entered the community when I was fourteen years old. It was a high school back then which only had 50 students in the whole school! The school was the long hallway from the main campus library to the end of the hallway after the registrar office. The school has changed so much since I came back four years ago!

K.M.: What inspired you to become a religious Sister?

Sr. P.: As a young girl in Detroit, I was taught by sisters. I loved being with the sisters. I would stay after school just to be around them longer. I would stay after school to help clean the classrooms. Also, I just always wanted to spend time with the sisters and I wanted to be full of life just like my teacher was.

K.M.: What do you like most about being a part of the Sisters of St. Francis and the larger Franciscan Village of Lourdes University, Bethany House and the other ministries of the sisters?

Sr. P: I love not just being a sister but to be a part of a larger community. I love seeing the youth and people walking around and on campus. I love to walk around the University and see the students, the activities that students are involved in and the outreach that Lourdes University has for their students and the community.

K.M.: What do you admire most about St. Francis?

Sr. P.: I think there are many things to admire about St. Francis. One of the things that I admire most is the fact that he is the one who started having the outside stable and celebrated Christmas when Christ came to earth. Also, St. Francis started Christmas with his village and he treated the human people with such kindness.

K.M.: What is a teaching of St. Francis that you feel is most relevant for the world today?

Sr. P.: The teaching that is most relevant for the world today is that all creation is one, and no matter where one lives or what the color of their skin may be, we are all one and we are also all one with creation. St. Francis believed that we must treat all human beings as brothers and sisters.

K.M.: If you were not a sister what profession would you be in?

Sr. P.: If I weren’t a sister, I would have become a social worker because I love to help people. When I was little, I always wanted to be a flight attendant or a professional dancer. I love to dance and I would have liked to have become a ballroom dancer.

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