Come to Game Festa at the Den

Looking for a place to rest and unwind before finals? Luckily for you, Gaming Society will be hosting Game Festa on November 19 from 7 to 10:00 p.m. The event will see contestants competing in six different games, including table tennis and foosball, along with video games like Mario Kart 8 and Injustice: Gods Among Us. … Continued

The Afterparty Begins – Four Underlooked Wii U Games

By Syd Klem The Wii U, first launched in 2012, is on its way out as Nintendo prepares to launch the Switch in early 2017. Though plagued by weak sales and a poor marketing campaign, the console has assembled some of the best games of the eighth generation. Here are four of my personal favorites that I … Continued

Pokemon: A History

By Kaitlin Schroeder When it comes to the video game scene, very few games have become quite a phenomenon like Pokémon. First released in Japan in February 1996 by companies Game Freak and Nintendo, they became a major success almost instantly. 2016 marks Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, and with Pokémon Go being a massive hit over … Continued

Burgers with the Drs

By Katherine Melick The students slowly filled the Lourdes Campus Ministry House on Wednesday at around 6:30 in the evening, gathering in celebrate one another and starting new friendships while continuing old ones. Dr. Dwayne Beggs, a professor of History at Lourdes University and director of the First Year Experience program, was a generous host. Dr. Peter … Continued

History’s Firsts

By Dominic Esposito Recently, I came across one of the greatest mysteries of our universe. One that I think has been ignored for far too long. When did hugging people become socially acceptable? It is such a strange practice of the human race. We see someone we like or someone in emotional distress and our … Continued

A Different Kind of Election: A Republican Perspective

By John Scott The election of 2016 is unlike any other in history, America will either elect the first female President or the countries first non-politician to the most powerful office in the world. However, what this election could mean is a fundamental change in Americas foreign and domestic policy. What the next President has … Continued

The 2016 Election and a Rigged System: The Faculty Advisor’s Take

By Noah Roderick The Vitruvian is a young publication, and we have not been around to cover any previous presidential elections. And so we’re particularly excited to have both Republican and Democratic perspectives from Lourdes students in this issue. We’re grateful for our contributors, but we would love to see more political writing in the future. As … Continued

Just Vote

By Katherine Melick As a registered Democrat, I strongly believe that Hillary Clinton should be our next president of the United States. She stands as the most qualified and experienced candidate to have run for this office. Hillary has spent her life and career helping to improve the lives of children around the world through … Continued